Fall and rise

Thoughts come and go

I watch them rise

Following the breath

It is no surprise

They ebb and flow

Sometimes a feeling comes

With the tide

Centering within

I recognise it may be


With the thought

That no one cares

Just a thought

And these tears

If I just allow myself

To ride the breath

All of these feelings come and go

Just like the breath

Just like the tide

And I am the observer

Standing on the shore of my mind

Watching the ocean

Fall and rise

Feeling the love that washes in

With the welcoming

And then letting go

Of thoughts and feelings

Of loneliness

11 thoughts on “Fall and rise

  1. “And I am the observer

    Standing on the shore of my mind

    Watching the ocean

    Fall and rise”

    Stunning, my lovely.
    Really echoes so much that I’ve been reading over the last few months


      1. It does. I have been trying it too. It’s not always easy, you know sometimes we get so lost and deeply into the moment that is hurting us we can’t see past the moment itself. But when I manage to do this, just observe the thought I am having and know that everything and anything will pass, it is peaceful.

      2. Yes… its so second nature to judge and battle and attach maybe a thing more prevalent for those of us who are passionate and intense.. that passion can be a gift but at times it works against us.. Does this make sense?

      3. It does, yep ❤️ I feel like, when I let go of the judgment of myself and others (not easy) things seem to flow more but then I get caught up, as you say in something and you feel yourself impassioned, but it’s only over a thought so…again you’re back to observing that thought and trying to …match the energy with what’s actually going on. The passion, I think, is when we *think from the heart*. So…it takes us in the right direction, but when the mind starts to backchat, shall we say, there is a clash. Our ego starts to yell because it feels threatened by the loudness of the heart, which is only truth, whereas the ego’s job is to keep us in the illusion.
        I hope I explained myself well there! 🤣😘

      4. A good point Sheri makes is that underlying judgements are painful emotions.. I have lashed out at times when it would have been better to have acknowledged the emotion.. so that.s the loudness of the heart you are talking of… maybe it just wants us to hear how sore it is and offer it some tenderness.
        you did most definately.. 🙂

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