An angel smiled

An angel smiled at me today

There were tears in my eyes

An ocean brimming inside

A wave I rode to reach your shore

Stars falling through heaven

As I realised

The truth of the way

You adored


Oh precious symmetry

You are my welcome place

Freeing as an ocean breeze

My longing

And the arriving

Of a devotion that leaves me

Weak at the knees

An answer to the silent sadness

I carried over all of these years

My final reprieve

My starlight

My soul song

My sacred moonbeam

The Universe’s response

To my heart’s deepest prayer

Spoken in earnest at night fall

Witnessed by angels

3 thoughts on “An angel smiled

  1. There vast wonders the Ocean still keeps hidden to the World

    I t can be scene from romantic breath taking movie it can also take and ripped everything from you without mercy.

    “Sheer Raw Power of Poseidon’s Hand needs to be respected or the presence of his wrath and fury will not be forgotten.” E.O.S

    Lámh Poseidon nach gcomhlíontar le meas agus ní dhéanfar dearmad ar a fheall agus a rage tar éis dó a fhothracha a fhágáil.


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