To love one another

Why is it so hard for us sometimes just to love one another?. Even if we don’t like the behavior or the criticism..Do we really need to take it on if we love ourselves?

I mentioned Louise Hay in an early post and she says if you want to find love, then be love, for love resonates with love.. That said kind people get used and shat on at times.. They can be misunderstood..The family friend I spoke to today said “Deb you are so soft but sometimes that makes things harder!” I do not want to be a hard arse, but I will never stop spreading the love around. I no longer stay around to be dumped on either.

Like just a moment ago someone responded to a comment I left that gave them a lift. Do you know how much this warmed my heart? I know I do “have all my life to live and all my love to give” – thanks Harley Reborn who shared that song in a recent blog to honor my journey.. When I think of the love and wisdom and struggle I see and read and feel on WordPress each day I cannot help but feel what a miracle that is that we all survive and keep loving and living.. That said I know a lot of my followers are also sober one day at a time and trying to find a path of living with authentic truth and love in their hearts.

There is a saying in AA that we keep our sobriety by sharing with and helping others. I think if I have any purpose on this earth it may be to say you can survive the dark night of the soul, there is a part of you that is light, it comes from light and it encounters darkness here on the earth plane but such darkness does have gifts. As long as we reject that dark then we reject the transformative part of the cycle.

I just picked up Oriah Mountain Dreamer’s book The Invitation and in it she spoke of how chronic fatigue and pain led her to a spiritual awakening in that she used those painful times in time not to resist but to be with and breathe through her pain..So much of our problem in this world involves running from pain. I see it at the moment in my struggle with being with my sister… There is a Buddhist concept called groundlessness which speaks of allowing ourselves to be with the idea that things are constantly slipping from our grasp, and often the tighter we try to hold on the more pain we cause for ourselves and others. It came to me today that the best way to help my sister is not to help her but to be genuine witness and to not take crap but that said I don’t even have to say much I just need to allow myself not to be ‘hooked’ in. We only react when we ‘take the bait’ and narcs love to bait us.. so it’s easier at times to love at a distance and walk away. That said there is a time to step up, be there and love and shine a light into the darkness. Those who want it will see it, those who want to stay in the dark will not and who knows if they are not meant to be there… In the end its not up to me, as I am not the one in charge of anyone or anything that lies outside of me. God only put me on earth to find out who I am and live as that, the rest is all just white noise!

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