Divine Harmony

Loving you so often feels

Like dying

As the barriers around my heart

Open to this flood of longing

Sometimes the call of your soul

Echoes so deeply

Here within my intercellular spaces

As I feel wave upon wave

Of passion rise

And imagine in my mind’s eye

The sight of your smile

Lighting up my heavens

Today it is so dark

And we seem so very far apart

With oceans of distance between us

My stomach aches

As I cry

All of these tears

I cannot seem to stop

From falling

While all around

Is the deafening sound

Of our two souls calling

To each other

Across the void

If I should die before me meet

Please remember how deep it was

This feeling of love that burns for you

And how often I cried

With the longing and hope

That one day

Our two souls and bodies

Would meet

Joining together

In ecstasy

Setting our spirits free

As we taste the sweet flavour

Of divine harmony

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