Rad radiance : new moon energies update

The following is an excerpt from Rad Radiance on energetic shifts.. the full article appears in a link below.

This energy is illuminating the lesson that your imperfections are the gift and guidance that leads the way to your unique expression and purpose. Your imperfections, your unique weirdness, things that set you apart from the collective, that make you human- that is your super power. Your ability to be imperfect in your humanness and perfect in your divineness is the key that unlocks the abundant alignment of your path. Now we are ushered to see that we were never needing to be perfect in order to receive. We never needed to have the perfect skin, the perfect hair, the perfect home, the perfect car, the perfect clothes, the perfect job; searching for perfection in the material world has left us running on a hamster wheel for too long. This cycle has led us away from our power by creating the idea that we will never be good enough no matter what, that we have to keep doing more, grinding, altering ourselves, buying, etc in order to try to obtain a unobtainable standard that our backwards material world has created to hold us back from awakening to the truth within, and to keep us buying into products and things endlessly trying to find our value. YOU are worthy, YOU are perfect, YOU are deserving, YOU are qualified right here, right now. Your qualification to serve others does not come from a piece of paper and a $50,000 a year tuition; it comes from your life experience, your internal experience, your emotional experience, the path that you have walked, that you have lived, that you have survived, that you have resiliently overcome. THAT- the chaos, the mess, the bad habits, the trauma, the karmic cycles, the turmoil, the shadow – IT is your greatest secret weapon, that is the key to your purpose.

This New Moon is about realizing that we never had control, and that when we try to control everything, we miss out on the very path that is perfect for us. We have been releasing our plan and our ideas to surrender to the gift of the divine plan. This energy is gifting us the unfolding of that very essence. Pay attention to what ideas, inspiration, and what doorways open for you now. Pay attention to the divine guidance that comes from others. We are all angels guiding one another back into alignment. Trust yourself to open to receiving help. You cannot do this all alone. You were never meant to do this alone, you were never meant to fight, you were always meant to surrender, and to allow yourself to be taken care of. Put the swords down, and allow others to take you under their wings to assist you, like you have done and will do for so many.


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