Open to awe

Why is this human world

So often just a place of such struggle

And blindness?

Where is the depth of insight

And kindness

The capacity not to run from pain

But mine the roots of where it arises?

And tear them out

Sometimes my heart aches

For the way we go to sleep

When there is a love here that could

Make of this place

A heaven on earth

When was it that we lost our way

To the soul in us that knows

Or to the innocent child

Who looked upon the sunrise

As a miracle with so many questions

That so often annoyed adults?

And what happened to that

Hunger to be open to awe

And know

That this so often can be

A magical place

If we just learn to open

Our heart and soul and mind

Developing the capacity to wonder about

And explore

The mystery

3 thoughts on “Open to awe

  1. Brilliant Piece Mate

    The simple answer is that they water down eccentric creative thinking in education because in this modern time you are suppose to accept the backwards rubbish they teach in schools.

    And highest mantle of teaching is basis of how emotional responses and or the way something makes you feel versus Fact and Logic.

    No matter how old you get you should never stop learning but it’s about ascertaining the right wisdom and empowerment

    Knowledge without intellect leads to certain misdirection of dismay

    No matter what you should always reach for the stars

    ” Nothing impossible if it is made possible ” Madiba Mandela



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