Where is my focus?

On any day I have a choice of where to focus my energy.. lately I am noticing that each day is made up of many moments of decision or choice making.. One exercise I so often forget at the outset of any day is to pray to hand over any struggle, negativity, anxiety or pain to God and ask for guidance to bringing my focus onto joy. I can also ask for inner guidance to live the day well. Even a temporary change of focus onto something nurturing or uplifting, like listening to music or massaging Jasper or getting out into nature and the fresh air can give my energy a boost.. Choice of healthy live life giving foods also provides energy.

I do not have to purposely suppress sad feelings and anger which for me can often just arise to be released and it occurs to me that sometimes I am actually releasing feelings for others. As far as anger goes though I learned a while back from reading a book Calming The Emotional Storm that the way we think about our feelings can either prolong, intensify or de-escalate them… In the past it did not take me much to get revved up if I got triggered by someone or an absence.. I noticed this week a couple of times I awfulised in reaction to a trigger of annoyance and then could make the matter worse.

It’s good to have a handle on the things that annoy us but being able shift focus really does help.. It can make all the difference between having a good or a bad day..A gratitude and appreciation practice also makes positive feelings flow and often this just involves a noticing of the little things, like the sunshine, a beautiful flower, a child, someone smiling at us, or letting us in in traffic.

It is my belief that the choice of shifting focus and speaking kindly to ourselves and others makes an enormous difference..Today I actually got out the door before having to clean up and do the dishes (Victory.. Jasper and I snuck past the inner critic). The dishes were there for me when I got home and no one suffered, in fact Jasper and I ended up having more walk and play time as a result. I find I am liking this new life that focuses on joy and simplicity as well as inner kindness, its a whole lot better than living with the constant inner negativity my inner critic was often forcing me to listen to.

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