Break free

One day I hope I can break free

Of the sadness that sometimes eclipses me

Sometimes I see

Just how blind I have been

And scared too

At times it was an impossible dream

Hoping I knew

The right thing to do

I sensed the hurt

And wanted to heal the pain

But yet that was

All too often about projection

The accepting of an

Impossible dream

For I am just a human being

Not a God

And my power has limits

Sometimes it may seem

I speak too much

As I do battle with

Our ancestral demons

I want to be the one w

Who takes out the sword

And kills the beast

But how can you kill this monster

Maybe instead I need to be

A little more like

Perseus with his mirror

And a shield

Cunning as a serpent

And wise as a dove

In doing battle with this

Powerful force

That wants to freeze us half to death

Or lead us to the brink

Of the relentless quicksand

Of unbeingness

And insanity

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