Still Learning

An important post on forgiveness.

Wounded to Warrior

I’m learning a lot about forgiveness. I had forgiven my abuser within myself a few years ago when I knew it was hurting me.  When I had confronted this head on, confronting in person, unloading the truth, I realized I had a whole different level of forgiveness that I needed to work through. Although there was verbal asking for forgiveness, there was also denial of it. I was left lost, confused, in pain, the wound spread wide open with no closure. Now I have a choice.  Do I allow it to kill me inside, holding onto what I felt I needed to control in order to survive like anger , pain, or whatever lingered enough to hold on to, or do I give myself permission to let go. In that letting go, I allow myself to know what happened doesn’t disappear because I forgave, genuinely forgave, but instead put what…

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