Socially Acceptable & Unacceptable Trauma Responses

It’s hard enough suffering from trauma and complex trauma . Being criticised as a result is a double wound. We do not need to take on board other people’s ignorant or insensitive judgements.

Cynthia Bailey-Rug

Have you ever noticed there are socially acceptable & socially unacceptable responses to trauma?  There are.  The especially interesting part is the socially acceptable ones are the most unhealthy trauma responses & encouraged.

Some socially acceptable trauma responses are:

  • being a workaholic.
  • focusing on career over family.
  • never taking breaks.
  • being over scheduled or too busy.
  • sleeping too little.
  • excessive exercising.
  • under eating.

Some socially unacceptable trauma responses are:

  • taking time off to relax.
  • crying or being angry about the trauma.
  • admitting that it still upsets you, even years after the trauma.
  • taking anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication.
  • seeing a counselor.
  • severing ties with an abuser.
  • discussing the abuse.

When you live with PTSD or C-PTSD, trying to heal is tough enough.  It’s not easy, even under the best of circumstances.  It’s much worse though when you have people telling you that your healthy coping skills aren’t healthy, & insisting you…

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3 thoughts on “Socially Acceptable & Unacceptable Trauma Responses

  1. If only they really knew what Brimstone truly mirror and how it molds you from walking through the inferno ” E.O.S

    As Joker says ” Why should I apologised for the Monster you made me” The Prince of Crime

    The Villain will always be what they are and not deny “….Same cannot be said for Hero who is fueled by Kryptonite of Lies the real truth behind the masquerade would shattered their sense to acceptance and admiration.


    1. People can even hold onto that as an identity and protection from the deeper work. Life is very complex and for me only forgiveness through seeing into the heart of darkness prevents us from becoming the Monster set on vengeance.

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