Tender blessings

I wrote this just two months before my mother passed in 2017 . In it I explore those tides that pulled me in and out. Therapy was tough today..not enough time to be with the expense that is my soul journey…life is too analytical sometimes but we need our mind still to make sense of all these tumultuous currents and energies we bathe within.

Emerging From The Dark Night


When I was born

The ones we loved

Were slipping away

Death stole in

And quietly took the man who gave you shelter

For those 22 years

Memory of the hospital bed

Where you placed my basinette Is buried

But I remember it in my bones

The quiet silence of loss

That threaded its way

Around the perimeter of our lives

Stealing in

Through porous spaces

So young

Not knowing

Or understanding

But only feeling

When the tide was coming in

To claim another soul

I loved

Nothing was ever secure

And I was always aware

That the ground I stood on was shaky

No matter how firm you tried to make it become

That ghost of insecurity hovered

And it was my constant companion

So that when later traumas struck

It was almost too much to bear

I only knew

The tide was coming in

And I could do…

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