All around me the ground lies fallow

Blood of my ancestor seeps

As feelings of grief circle

Around me like

Lonesome whisps of air

Slowly I watch

The tide become a flood

What was I thinking of

That you would find a way to stand

That one day

You would come

To hold my hand

And help me

Bear this burden?

Today my heart it feels like lead

And my tread falls heavily upon the ground

There is no hope to be found at all

Only the long dead echoes of

His leaving

The tide is receding

Leaving only wilderness

My energy is spent

From crying

Sick of lying to myself

And hoping that one day

My body will touch and deeply know

Another soul

A loved one’s body

Why go on

There seems no point

If this is all that is left

At the end of a song

Whose final note

Peters out

Leaving only

This absence of sense

Resounding emptiness

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