rescued by love

Love surprised me on the path

Love surprised me on the path

It was not as I thought

Present alone

In the fullness of heart

I feel when life is shining and things are

Going well

Love is also present

In the terrifying


Of uncertainty

That greets me

On the awakening edge

Of becoming

Sometimes in

All of my former equations

Love seemed only to be

The minus sign

Hidden behind

The refusal of others light

To shine

Upon me

When really

Love is always there


Closer than my next breath

And its discovery

Must depend

Upon no less than this

A tearing apart

Leading to a rearrangement

And change of heart

That comes when all of my best laid plans

Are turned upside down.

On the other side

Of a fading hope

Still lingering

From childhood

To be rescued

By love

6 thoughts on “rescued by love

      1. I’m doing really well thanks at the moment anyway things are going okay, I’m pretty nervous about this weekend though there is a rough date coming up on the first ritual date that I’m really scared about but I hope I’ll be okay I was supposed to be going to my parents but no that didn’t pan out so I’m staying home instead I’ll just have to reach out to my blog bodies which I hope will help

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