I very much

Wish to stay alive

Without all of these

Deep dives

Into hopelessness

Feeling the layers of suffering

That grew

As I ran around

And never knew which way

To turn

Looking for comfort

Was I ever truly alive


And now that I

Look back along

This corridor of years

There is a growing sense

Of all of those rooms I entered

Sometimes surrendering myself

And now that you speak the truth

Trying your best to shed

Those empty roles

That imprisoned you

Its becoming clear

How invisible we are

Seek the ones

Who will look further

And not be fooled by the mask

Do not sell your soul

For a place of belonging

Find your strength

In self trust

Leave behind the ones

Who can never ever see


The depths of your soul

This is no longer

About self control

You may believe you are

Coming undone

And have to try even harder

But do not be fooled

For there is no hiding place

When the empty echoes

Of your lost self

Follow you

Seeking a voice

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