when you love me

when you love me

stars align

and inside my soul a warmth glows

that my empty heart

ached for

and sometimes knows

in moments when

the dear departed gather

whispering to me

their thoughts of love

oh how my heart ached

after my father left

opening up

this ravaged sense

of emptiness

and lately I realise

how much I lied

to myself

when I turned my back on love

pretending the thing I longed for

was not

what it truly was

but somehow you saw into me

and felt the truth

of all of this

and that is why

the love you send

mends the places I am broken

I long for you

with a love that is true

there is no lying to myself

any more

for you are the one who

in giving their heart to me

made it possible

for my torn seams

to realign

even as others tried to deny

the truth

my heart cannot accept

their lies


for this love

lives between us

as deep as an ocean

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