Earth is our silent witness

The container of our joy and sorrow

Bearing with us

While storms rage

And aching for us

When suffering steals the joy we wished to find

At the end of eternity’s sunrise

Earth is our mother

Watched upon by father sky

Who rains down his manna

Nurturing new life

Just as our tears

Water the earth of our being

Mother Earth

Father Sky

We bathe in your radiance

As our hearts drink in

The solace of your infinite love

Blessings from above

Life giving sunshine

Soul cleansing rain

Washing us clear

Helping us to find the way

To rise again

Cleansed of illusions

Made wiser through pain

3 thoughts on “Earth/Sky

  1. Yes.. . we are the hearts of mother earth, and father time is the light in our soul….xxx

    There is a distant shore
    Between why and when
    Life is a seesaw
    Between hero’s and heroine’s
    There is a balance
    Between ups and downs
    Life is a challenge
    Between smiles and frowns
    There is a common ground
    Between storms and calmness
    Life is a humming sound
    Between love and blindness

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