The way to live

There is only this life

And the ways of running

Away or towards

The beating of your own heart

Life blood pumping

In systole and dyastole

Moving through you like

The force of the wave

Taking you to the depths of anguish

Inside the flood

Or to the place where light burns through

Rivers of fire

The storms of life that met you

The silence is anything but silent

At times it is full

Of the voices of ghosts

Saying things probably untrue

Will you listen

Or will you choose to take your fate

Within your own hands

Open your body

Even as the terrorist

Convinces you that death

Will bring about the ending

Of everything

How to live

Within the maelstrom of it all

How to summon up whispers of new life

From piles of ashes

How to dance

Even under threat of death

As the reaper smiles from the shadows

When angels gather close to you

Whispering secrets of love

How to find

The way to live

Open to the depths

Of your heart?

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