More than ever before

We all need

The comfort of love

Someone’s shoulder to lean on

Just for a while

Even though in the end

As a child

So many of us

Only learned to hide or deny the truth

Turning away

Towards the silence

We all need

Periods of humor and silliness

Within the drama and the pain

We knew

Are integrating

Or working to move

On through

Despair may convince us of lies

Should we choose to live in illusions

For too long

There is a love

That we long for

A place of surrender we need to find

To transform the pain

And a healing baptism

Of flood and fire

We must walk through

To get to the other side

With more of our soul



And alive

Than ever before

4 thoughts on “More than ever before

  1. We were all, hurt as children, and, didn’t get the right kind of love we needed, from our kin, and, some of us, learned, through the hardships of our own lives, to, provide what we lacked in childhood, to, our selves, becoming, the good parents we needed growing up, but never had the chances of, having…

  2. and a healing baptism of flood and water. Great imagery and symbolic to the yearning that transforms those with a mind and pen like yours that creatively grabs the readers and like me that begins to translate the liberation that man has taken. great poetry

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