Mental clarity

I just read an interesting post from The Written Addiction.

It spoke to me because lately I am seeing that decisions prompted by emotional responses are often not helpful, that said I have often been driven by my emotions and fears to do things that were, in the long run, downright damaging for me, that said I had to do those things and have those reactions to learn..

Movement seems especially important to me lately, too as I am beginning to see how stuck in paralysis I became for years, my fears for self and family literally stopped me moving forward at all to FULLY LIVE and embrace life… So sad to see it now, but there you go.. and I probably had to walk down that path in order to see it all and I have been seeing it all in much starker clarity since the eclipse on Saturday.. I notice lately that when I push myself to be in my body I put myself in the present but its hard each morning with the PTSD trauma that cascades the fear and environmental scanning reflex every morning..

There is a not a lot more to say on this matter but to say I am working hard lately to see when I am prompted to act by an unhelpful emotion, or thought.. I am also trying to work on my vulnerability to hard luck stories. I had someone on Facebook put the hard word on me for money again yesterday and they claimed it was for hospital treatment.. I have just detached today. The minute someone is in need I feel I should help living in a financially secure position, but I am even questioning that now.. Selfish as it seems lately I just want to give to me and take the steps to make my own life more positive… I am just a little sick of giving and being asked to solve other’s problems.. After all each day I have to work hard to solve my own and meet my own needs.

One thought on “Mental clarity

  1. Always keep fighting to for the RAW You Mate

    I know first hand what that means and loaded consequences comes with it but remember “The Reaper’s game is always stacked and loaded with consequences.” ApeX

    I believe in you and the only one stand in your way is your greatest adversary the reflection starring back at you.



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