The pain of loving a narcissist.

I am sharing this post again. it involves insights into narcissism I began to discover along my own path of healing.

Emerging From The Dark Night

Suffering at the hands of some one who can never really love us hurts.  We dont choose to fall in love.  At the outset of the relationship with a narcissist they will promise you the world, there is a long list of stories of how they loved others so much but were repaid by ingratitude and selfishness.  The truth is they were the selfish one whose demands came first, but you wont know this for some time down the track in my experience.  There will be red flags but if you are basically a kind honest giving person you wont have a radar for this kind of deception or little things they do will stun or shock you out of left field.  If you have known love before these things do grate but being a kind person you give them the benefit of the doubt.

This morning I had a…

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