The child and the adult : today’s reflections

Contemplating the polarity of the soon to come eclipse the concept of the Child/Mother (Moon/Cancer) and the adult (Saturn/Capricorn) came to mind.. the Child may be full of longing to be fed, it has a hunger that wants to allow it to find the right nutrients for its blossoming.. Saturn can either provide the loving strong boundaries that allow the bountiful nature to thrive or can come down hard and restrict the hunger. An unmediated hunger may lead us to digest too much : to long for too much nutrient, Saturn can be associated with starvation and deprivation but its also on another level related to the will aspect.. and discipline as well. There comes a time when impulses must be reigned in and we need to have the capacity to delay gratification.. That said I think there is much that needs to be said for us finding what the exact nutrients are for our blossoming and becoming.

On another level pain, restriction or frustration of Saturn may force us to grow and transform. We get to see where our childlike impulses led for good or ill and get the chance to make another choice further down the line.. At a Full Moon two opposing polarities are cast into relief and the light of the Sun in the sign of the Mother and the child is casting its illumination on the Moon which is traditionally in its detriment in Capricorn. At the full moon we might feel all the things we longed for that could not come to pass and hopefully these feelings will not lead us to repress our life force or judge self and others too harshly, but lead us to channel life energies in more productive and nurturing directions…

Saturn represents boundaries which at times are needed and at times need to fall away.. Only we can discriminate when either impulse is necessary and its very much a case of trial and error. Unfulfilled longing or yearning brings pain but also transformation… For myself I have found the impulse to get moving helps me to throw off old stale energy and gives me a clarity in confusion.. Fresh air opens my vision while the movement allows the feelings in my heart to flow up so I can feel them and release them.

I just went on our wild cliff side walk and was praying so hard. I now have a new person in my life who is trying to support me through this latest debacle with pulling back from ‘Scott.’ They seem to be representing the Saturnian side of the polarity… After praying and crying I came across a woman in a hat sitting on a picnic blanket, she had photo images strewn around her and was videoing on her phone.. Turns out she runs a blog called FreeStyle Line Drawing that uses images and music and bible quotations, they are beautiful and can be found on You Tube.. She lost a daughter to mental illness in 2011 and is born the same year as me.. I could not believe it. I had been praying to God and the angels and here she was and also she has been in recovery for 20 years…

If I had not got out and walking at that exact moment I would not have met Novy… we have exchanged numbers and will keep in touch and I promised to promote her video channel on my blog.. So here goes.

On another note on the ‘child’ theme of current time I noticed a post by The Written Addiction on the child the other day I will find it back and link to it later. I had a sense lately I want to throw off the parental restrictions especially from my Mum about ‘looking good’ and ‘being presentable’ just to set my wild self free a bit.. I read gorgeous poem by Pablo Neruda today about love and the sea and videoed it.. Have had problems this week with videos loading… but watching it back it was good to see myself just letting myself be free and the feeling and expressing the love and longing in the poem without shame… these are the things that bring me alive and they help my soul live beyond the restrictions of should and ought..

At times it has felt hard to come alive outside the restrictions of social expectations but it is happening.. Judgement is associated with Saturn and it can cripple and divide many of us both internally and externally yet we also need good discriminatory powers to thrive.. these are the paradoxes of now that the up coming eclipse may be casting into stark relief.. now is a time of seeing things we could not see before and using the information to build better structures for our life and creative energy… the Moon connects us to the unconscious and it is from here we create. It also associates to the feelings we must husband and channel and connect to in order to learn and keep growing as individuals physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The link to the Written Addiction post is below

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