Here within the abyss I drown

There is no comfort to be found

In sorrow

On the morrow I will see

The longing which l

Led me to believe

The lies you told

That were so alluring to the lonely pit of hunger

In my soul

That could never find its foundation

Within another

Backs always turned away

Gazes diverted

I learned in time there we no eyes to see

My true reflection in another

And so I fell into helplessness

Was so lost when you died

All these tears I cried

For the mother who could never see me

Love me as I was

Led me to a man who lied

Offering a promise that was only ever


And so today if I awaken

Eyes cleared

After nearly drowning

Deep inside confusion

I will reach so deep inside

For the adult me to hold the lonely child

That cries

For the reality is

No one is coming to save me

Because my salvation lies


And I cannot thrive

Will only drown

If I cannot find the way to pull myself together

Grow a spine

And learn how best

To fully

Love myself

And find the strength

To come alive

Finding the courage

To leave

Sorrow behind

3 thoughts on “Drown

  1. The abyss, is certainly, a difficult thing we all deal with in our lives, but, we all need to, fall into it, and, struggle, to finally, find our ways out of it, for life’s trials, to mean something to us in our, separate, lives…And, there will be, light, at the other end of that, dark, tunnel, you’re, currently, stuck in right now, just, keep on fighting, to not let life defeat you.

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