Aboriginal Justice

I get so triggered hearing of black deaths and abuse at the hands of the law here in Australia..With all the outcry over black lives matter in the US its bringing up the situation with indigenous people here and the brutal way they are treated and died well away from the lens of a video smart phone.. I actually was doubled up on the floor a short while ago after hearing an indigenous journalist speaking on the issue on today’s programme of Background Briefing which airs, at 12pm on Radio National in Australia.. the journalist in question brought up the example of 3 innocent people being treated in the most brutal way, one woman died in custody after being found guilty of outstanding parking fines… the deaths are never investigated and imagine how existing family feel knowing a loved one died all because they were treated so abysmally due to the colour of their skin.

When I hear about injustice I cannot help but try to speak about it, even if my small platform here only reaches a few hundred readers. There is still endemic racism in our country, in the same programme he quoted a post on social media of someone saying that they would be only be too glad to step on the neck of a coon and watch them die which is a slang term for a person of colour. This kind of thing outrages my soul. It makes me cry and want to scream out… Its hard to believe there are people out there that only see others as objects or as ‘lower life forms’.

Somehow we have to throw our weight and our voices behind support for the exploration of how such things can continue to happen… Aboriginal people if arrested are treated very differently and there are so many cases of excessive force being used. What goes on in the dark final hours of a life of someone arrested and put into custody only to found dead a few hours later or the next morning is a Plutonian issue… who knows what happens and prosecution is so often unlikely as these people are people often on the margins of society who have no one to advocate for them. Maybe that is what triggers me most, the those who are vulnerable and precious are not afforded protection, only brutalised. Surely we all have to fight for a world in which its not seen as possible to get away with this kind of thing.

If you do not have time to listen to the entire podcast, please listen to the last 10 minutes of this programme which outlines those deaths that should never have fallen into silence.


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