Scars on your heart

I am mindful

Of these scars on your heart

Sometimes they seem to

Keep us apart

Which is the way it so often goes

When we were bruised

Not everyone can bear


Not everyone has the courage

To look into

The heart of darkness

And be aware

Of the dying need for love

That once lived there

And for some hearts

We can only care

At a great distance

And only as far as we have

Straddled our own divides

But still there comes a time

When the longing for love and to be alive

Tempts us to risk this

Embracing the scarred

Loving the pain

Deepening in to the hearts ability

To endure

And live inside


4 thoughts on “Scars on your heart

  1. Sometimes, our brains tell us to stay away, but our hearts refused, and, we let our hearts lead the way, and end up getting hurt, but, love IS, a huge gamble, and what you will gain, is going to be, way more that what you will lose, although, losing feels like dying…

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