My first ever V log : Wednesday 17th June

This is my first brave attempt at doing a video blog.. I have done them before but never found the courage to post my shaky efforts. I am sorry my face is not so clear in this one, I spoke while walking this morning in order to ground some insights that have been coming into my own struggle to find self value in the context of Venus now only having 9 more days to move retrograde.. When she comes up into view again after her sojourn of being held in the earth it is with feelings we may have buried and its helpful to view this in the context that 5 days before she moves forward we have Solar Eclipse at 00 Cancer which is the degree of new birth, a new cycle occurring around the same time as both summer and winter solstices…Bear in mind too that Cancer relates to the mother, the Great mother, nurture, family interconnections as well as memory and Mercury is ahead of the Sun right now at 14 degrees of Cancer so for a few weeks we have been having memories coming up and when Mercury slows to station in terms of the Sun she moves backward through those 14 degrees and meet the Sun at a seed point.. and then 7 days later Venus goes forward.. I know its a complex dance of energies to outline here, there are cycles within cycles playing out and it a massive undertaking to understand both the personal and collective context…

Ancient cultures were matriarchal and honoured the feminine, heroic masculine cultures over rode these cultures and created a terrible schism for all of us.. fear reached a height at the time of the Black Death another devastating pandemic that hit during the Middle Ages.

Polarities are marked when Venus transits Gemini, things held in shadow may be highlighted or projected. Old feelings of hurt or betrayal or loss often emerge during this transit so we can resolve them and understand current impacts… I shared with my friend yesterday about the lecture Melanie Reinhardt gave on Venus Retrograde that I attended in London in 2005… the phrase she used for managing it was ‘keeping the heart open in hell’ what a fitting analogy for what is going on collectively as old pain emerges to be released and transformed.. I hope you enjoy my first V log.

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