Image : Athena Nangala Granites

When the white man came

We lost our claim upon the land

That seamlessly held us safe

Within the palm of its hand

As we felt the tearing away of our souls

From a way of life we knew

Our pain and history and stories

Fell into a deep abyss

Of silence

As our ancestor’s spirits cried

Because the earth does not lie

When it experiences the blood that falls

As foreign souls kill those who souls

Mean nothing to them

So if now that haunting cry is heard around the land

Who will open their ears

To the lament

As the crescendo of voices rises

They come asking something of all of us

And surely it is way past time

We opened our bodies

Heart and soul

To listen

10 thoughts on “Listen

    1. I believe so Ivor.. there is a use by date on our disconnection and arrogance at the moment and a groundswell that needs to be heard.. I am gaining the best peace in that quietness… its full of those voices.. hugs dear dear friend.. ❀ ((–))

      1. Yes ((hugs)) to you Deb… Hope you keeping ok… I’m snug in bed already.. A bit of plumbing the pass 2 days.. πŸ’™πŸŒπŸ›

      2. Oh okay.. I am good at the moment Ivor.. I am usually ready for bed most nights but I seem to have a bit of energy tonight and am revisiting some past posts.
        Did you do plumbing work for someone else?
        Hope you feel so cosy all wrapped up there its the best place in winter… ❀

  1. This is a beautiful and wonderfully constructive way to deal with what is happening in our world. I can’t pick a line that I like better than the next. The poem is beautifully written, powerful and a way to remind everyone of the injustices to so many dead. I love the way you let the earth talk through the blood shed. Gorgeous work my friend. Love πŸ’• and hugs to you my friend. Joni

    1. You know I read to day that when the planet Venus goes retrograde as she now is she is embraced by the earth.. I had this feeling of the ancestors pain of indigenous peoples rising up through me.. I lived by the coast at a place of a massacre and I did not know it for years but I had experiences there of ‘darkness’ and consulted a psychic and she told me of the ancestral spirits.. they need a voice.. far too much suffering went on in silence.

  2. Powerful, as an African and Nigerian, this hit me differently, I had to read it over and over again, holding my breathe for seconds, how you come to paint out reality in such a short poem is amazing, thank you for this, it is a reminder.

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