stars exploded

If they left a child crying

All alone in the dark

And in time her tears dried up

Did you see the darker shadows grow

That no one knows the truth of

As her face it turned away

From all things human

Seeking refuge

Deep inside the comfort of the womb

There within that darkened place

Her rejected sun

Has no room to shine any more

As avenue surround her heart closed

There was then

No way home to the truth of feeling

She lost the way to

And the cost was

Almost impossible

There she is

Taking refuge

Under a tree

As the birds and bees swarm around

And her soul grows so cold

There is no longer any warmth to be found

Within the arms of humans

And so it seems solitude claimed her soul

So completely

Only broken pieces remained

Turned back to back

Where is the track that will lead her home

To love and trust

Did it disappear in a blaze of dust

As stars exploded inside her eyes

With all the tears she cried

Blocking completely

Her vision of heaven

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