The awakening

Waking up may come with a shock

There you lay dreaming of the way

Life imprisoned you

Beneath a wall of steel

Making you feel

It was impossible to live or breathe

As your self

And here you are now

Feeling the heartbreak of it all

As those walls of steel fall

To reveal the fragility beneath

That is also stronger than you may have thought

Many say that the world will break you

In the fragile places

But I believe that with the breaking

Comes a breaking through

Of what your soul

Needed to wake up to

All along

Do you feel it now

This river of love

That wants to flow

From soul to soul

Can you bear the brightness of the morning sky

Welcoming you to a new day

Will you open your eyes and heart

Fully to the sun

Or fall into darkness

And turn away

From this awakening

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