Weep for you

I wept for you

The land I knew

Where soft rain fell

On fields of green

In afternoons

I feel the flood

Of misplaced love

Yearning as it does

For release

As I remember how it was

To be caged

Within ancestral memories


And so it is

With the passing of each year

I feel the truth

Of all I lost the way to

Abandoned here

Like Parsifal

And yet there is another strand

Of longing now

Reaching all the way to you

Do you feel it too

Am I there with you

As you cycle across those fields of green

Oh how my aching heart

It tears apart

With longing

My love

I am so sorry

I could not find the way ahead before

And so it was

I became

Lost in mist and fog

Tears and confusion

But now with this profusion

Of tears

I feel it here

Within my chest

Rising like an ocean

Between us

I cannot contain it any more

My heart is sore

My heart is sore

4 thoughts on “Weep for you

  1. Today the cold fog eventually lifted
    Like a broken heart that has drifted
    Afternoon sunshine caressed the mist
    And warmed the heart to one so missed

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