When I accept this

I grieve this

I welcome the painful truth I ran from

Deep into my heart

And show it love

With this gift of growing maturity

I finally see

That it was not me causing all of this

Even though I played a part

The bitter truth was dark

And it was

Such a painful pill to swallow

And yet I must

Even as the past becomes dust

Drying to ashes in my mouth

Accept it all

Deep into my heart

For in the end

It is the only way

To incorporate the truth

And set it free

Laying the corpses of the past

To rest

Surrendering my soul

To the coming changes

That whisper fortuitously

On the breeze

10 thoughts on “Acceptance

      1. My week has been quiet…. my walking and exercises have been a struggle…. but i’m persisting…..I’m still avoiding blogging…. my headaches are annoyingly worse this week… hopefully they will pass with more rest…. Have a happy weekend Deb…. xxx ((Hugs))..

      2. I’ve been watching ABC iview, in bed, some old episodes of “Miss Fisher”, and now I’m ready for sleep,.. nite nite Deb 💋sweet dreams 😴😴

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