As Autumn Leaves fall

Dreams are so powerful and their images are not always clear.. I was doing a search on old post from this time 4 years ago…. this one really resonated.. It reminds me how grief that is buried can manifest around anniversaries… this was written around the second anniversary of my older sister’s death and Mum’s health continued to degenerate.. I think in the end she was missing my Dad, Judy and her best friend too… we had 19 more months before she passed.. ❤

Emerging From The Dark Night

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I woke after a very deep sleep this morning to an overcast autumnal day.  I was conscious of how deeply down I had spiralled into sleep and of the dream I had just awoken from in which I opened the front door of my home which had come ajar during my absence to find a pile of kangaroos on the front living room carpet and a box containing overseas letters the post man had left.  Was he the one who left the door ajar?

Like many dreams its symbols remain a mystery to me.  I have some ideas about it, in terms of the wild animal element of life which I long to be close to and to develop a better relationship with, and I am conscious too of today’s anniversary, two years ago they took my sister into the hospital due to lung complications and we were advised that it…

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