Tell me how it is

Tell me how it is for you

And I will listen

I will extend towards you an open ear

And I will not disappear

From you

At this moment of your needing

For this is what we most desire

A place to express and feel free

And to know that

Even if our views differ

We have the strength to understand

And tolerate

Another point of view

A different way of understanding

8 thoughts on “Tell me how it is

  1. Yes Deb, we are all different, but we need tolerance, patience, compassion, be understanding, and be prepared to listen…….. but at the moment my continuous tiredness makes every day a battle……((hugs))

      1. Thanks Deb,,,, I’ve just been pedalling my exercise bike(Philly)..and now I’ll make up a toss salad for dinner… ((hugs))

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