Lost my faith : surrender to love

It seems such a long time ago

I lost my faith

Even though the sun rose

Inside my heart it was

So dark

With all of the memories of how much

I struggled

And how far I fell

From grace

There was a time in my life

I thought I may never stand again

Weighted down with the struggle

To find the true ground

On which to stand

Fearing the fall that would come

If I let go completely

Of everything

But in the end I just had to let go

Knowing you would be there

To greet me

And hold me safe

Within the emptiness

Amongst the shadows

Of my disappearing life

For it was only in that place

I could gain the strength

To realise

That the undoing was necessary

Along with the unravelling

So now it is I will

Just surrender to this


Surrender my doubt

Surrender my fear

Surrender my anger

Surrender my heart

To love

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