I do not know where this will end

but one thing I know is this

that each day brings

a new sunrise

and even when obscured by clouds

the power of light that fuels

this Universe


sometimes in the darkest of times

that is when

light is reduced

just to the tininest of sparks

and it is then we have to work so hard

to keep the light burning

deep inside our hearts

and even when uncertaintiy

leads us to question

if the end is near

there is still


a new sun

waiting to rise

even after the demise

the hollowing out

the shedding

and the agony of tears

8 thoughts on “shedding

  1. Sadly Deb, there will be a lot of tears and agony…..but I feel I’ve endured a lot of pain, and I’m prepared and ready to toil through the hard times, and see the sun rise again….

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