Here amidst the gentle flow

Of late afternoon

Birds calls echo through the room

While tenderness grows

A soft pillow of love

It bestows upon my heart

Healing given for free

Blessings abound when I think of the past

I left behind

Now there are not as many shadows


To cover over the absence of the one thing

I most longed for

You were never there

And yet I waited

Did it matter

Was it just my task to forebear

Could it really have ever been

Any other way

But now why is it that

At your promises to come near

I falter

Am I more secure with this

Empty space

Where in tenderness grows

As my soul surrenders to the flow

Of late afternoon

Than I would feel at peace

With another human being

Sometimes I fear

Dark destiny

Marked me out for this

A life I live alone

And yet within the silence

My heart feels more complete

There are no answers dear

Hidden within this precious moment

Only this flow

Only these questions

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