Buried in mass graves

I felt gutted with shock and sadness to hear that dead sufferers of Covid 19 are being bagged up, removed by the police and buried in mass graves in Italy. My brother told me just a moment ago that one of his employees who comes from Italy lost his sister. There will be no means of resolution in grieving these losses in the traditional ways. No opportunity to see the body, to say goodbye and that image of mass graves reminds me of a war scene. The sun and moon met Chiron on the new moon just over 12 hours ago and I keep thinking of how the virus binds to receptors on the lungs making them malfunction. I think of the gassing taking place not only in the First World War but in Nazi concentration camps as well. This are very very dark times.

I also could not help but think about the Hindu goddess of destruction Kali when this image played over my mind, the Hindu mystics told us we would endure the Kali Yuha or age of destruction. But new life does come out of old if we open our hearts deep inside the fire, powerlessness, anguish and pain and allow it its healing alchemy. Such an approach is not popular in our day and age of reaching for pharmaceuticals or a numbing quick fix the minue we are in pain. And yes we need drugs sometimes to combat disease and infection but at times death and nature have the final word, power or authority. Kali is deaf to our cries and she knows sometimes we must mature and ingest stomaching tough truths and circumstances.

I saw in the paper a moment ago that Madona is in trouble for posing naked in the bath surrounded by flowers saying the virus does not discriminate..people are telling her to shut up. Interesting…not gonna make much comment on that but it does interest me. Corona Virus hit the most affluent town in Italy very hard and we are naive if we think wealth status or privelege is going to protect us..but Saturn boundaries may not always keep us safe either.

For me I am respecting social distancing while hating it..it goes against everything in me not to reach out and touch someone but I will respect the rules with those who want to keep distance. I am sharing more smiles with strangers in past days. Fighting things wont help me keep calm right now and the truth is I DO feel very at peace right now. Was crying earlier but those feelings passed when I surrendered fully to them and right now I am counting my blessings. I’m no stranger to Kali having met her at age 17 when I nearly died, so I will stay with these dark images and feel sad while also feeling so grateful for my blessings : my dog, loved ones, writing, music, humble house and garden and my amazing blogging community. We are all in this together and I never felt less isolated spiritually tbh.

2 thoughts on “Buried in mass graves

  1. The physical isolation we are required to have from each other is, especially hard for us, because, we’re a, social animal, but these, are, extreme times, and, we must, abide by the rules of, this, necessary behavior, in order to protect our selves, as well as those around us…

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