Crippling ourselves to stay alive?

Sorry when it comes to social distancing they cannot tell me I cannot go outside and walk in nature.. I just had a comment to this effect on someone’s recent blog and it made me feel something sinister is going down with all of the locking down.. yes, we have to prevent the spread of the virus and we need to take those steps but aren’t we forgetting here that the body has an immune system and the virus will not take everyone down and just because people are connecting does not mean they will be passing the virus. We need fresh air and at times it can get hard to breathe with all of this talk about the virus. Also some of the things that we are being asked to stop doing are actually things that would help to keep us healthy in the long run.

I am trying to stay out of as much of the drama going on about Corona Virus as I can.. Yes, I know the threat is real but I don’t need this negativity pushed in my face every moment of they day and when it comes to being told I cannot go out in nature or for a walk.. that makes me want to scream or see red.. just had to voice this out…

Thank God for the relief of comedy .. I am going to go an watch some old re runs of The Office and then get an early night.

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