You ask me to trust in you

And that in time you will prove to me

What is true

And its is not within my power

To argue

With you any more

The angels keep telling me

That there is a reason

For the early season

Of our connection failing

That it lies all tangled up

In the messy threads of my past

That need to unravel

Before I can build a bridge

To travel across

The vast and lonely abyss

I built in trying to keep my self separate

Safe from loss

And that is why

As soon as I open my heart

And take the risk to surrender and trust

I start to cry these tears

From deep inside my soul

While I feel the shedding

Of so much darkness and fear

That kept my prisoner

Tied up in knots

And so I think it may be time

To allow the letting go

Enabling God to work his way

For what is the use of staying safe

Here all alone

Within this aching hole

When it is well within my means

Though trusting

To rescue

And set free

The two of us

2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. I am on this same journey of learning to trust so I can fully accept love. Powerful, thank you for sharing.

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