When I was weary : precious child

When I was weary

My head bowed low

My body broken under the weight

Of trying so hard to carry these burdens

That were not mine

When I was so saddened

By all of the pain and suffering

I saw all around me

Caused by those

Who could not live at peace

Within their own souls

It was you who stood

Silently by me

Holding me

Even in those moments

All I felt

Was my empty soul

Falling through space

And even as I stumbled

Half way around the world

Lost inside of my deep confusion

Abandoned in my state

Of deep self forgetting

You loved me anyway

As you quietly watched and waited

Speaking to me and sending me messages

Even in dreams

Over all of those years

Never once did you give up on me

Never once did you turn away

Patiently you waited

For me to

Come to my senses

To wake from my sleep

To throw off false burdens

And quietly and ever so silently

You dried my tears

On all of those days and nights

I thought that I was most alone

Silently you watched and waited

For me to

Change my heart and mind

To turn back on what was untrue

To turn toward

And embrace you

Opening to the unyielding truth

You always spoke to me

Within the silence

You are my precious child

And you are loved

7 thoughts on “When I was weary : precious child

  1. Putting someone else’s needs before our own, because they’re, having it worse than we are, shifting the focus we feel about what we’re weathering through in life, it’s, a great way, to divert our own attention, to shift the focus to something or someone not ourselves, and it’s, usually, quite effective, in alleviating the pains we are feeling in the moment…

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