Fully alive : killing forces

To be fully alive

We must feel free

To be the very one

We were born to be

To come back to life

After surviving death

No one will fully understand

What is truly left

Deep inside the soul of one

Whose inner light and truth

Seemed to shine too brightly

For this world

Those whose spirit was almost entirely extinguished

Or put to death

By killing forces that so often abound

In a world grown dark

Where we find ourselves

Constantly surrounded by

The obliteration of joy

How sad for this life energy we carry

To become a threat

The very life that restores the love

To a soul made bereft

By the starvation

Of genuine impulses

That nature provides

How then to stay alive

In this place

How to reclaim the light

When light is stolen

To speak for life

When true life urges are so often

Broken with the will of the one

Who longs only to come awake

Within the enforced trance

Of emotional sleep


By killing forces

7 thoughts on “Fully alive : killing forces

      1. I’ve had a relaxing day, and went to writers group this after, and now I’m listening to “Birdsongs”,which sometimes I love to do…

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