Here I am : blossoming

Here I am

Arms wide open

Eyes full of stars

Searching for Mars

Please don’t keep me waiting

You see my friend

So many times I nearly died

Or allowed the blindness of this world

To make me cry

And now I see it was a shame

To lose myself this way

And so it is I stand here

Full of hope

For what may be

Now that I have come to understand

The truest deepest

Part of me

Is still alive

And full of smiles

You see I needed all of those tears I cried

They were only sent

To water the growing seeds

Of my dormant self

For now here I stand

Knee deep in clover

In a garden

Slowly blossoming

4 thoughts on “Here I am : blossoming

    1. I love it when sometimes I get that feeling I can really be alive again Ivor.. it comes and goes… this came out of one of those times… I hope when I come alive fully I can come and visit you and have a cup of tea… I dream of those encounters.. Much love, dear friend… ❤

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