Knock Me Down with A Feather (Revised)

Love this from the lovely Ivor…<3


The winds may be strong

In the direction of my swan song

Blowing fresh upon my face

I feel a roar from grace

Crooked feathers do fly

Old feathers become dry

Angel’s wings soaring on the wind

Angel’s failing wings are left behind

After the breakages

There’s a wreckage

And I must restart the race again

For aching bones it’s a strain

Too many pieces down the drain

Every time I shower in the hard rain

I see the misty waves above old cascades

And a golden rainbow elopes downhill on roller blades

Where true words are found deep in the everglades

And I’m not afraid to call my dirty pitchfork a silver spade

“A big thank you to David Repath, for reminding me of this song by Bob Dylan, and for kindly supplying me with the lyrics, to this incredible song…. ”

Ivor Steven (c) Feb 2020

Ever Grain…

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