The sweet release of remembering

How much do we grieve for what is lost

Feeling the enormous cost

Of what is gone

While memories and longings brim

Within our heart and soul and skin

Tearing apart our heart

In the storm

How much will we increase the pain

With our mind

Struggling to accept

What life has said we must find a way

To leave behind

Or reconcile

And do we ever really leave

The ones we love behind

Or do they continue to live on

Deep in our heart and soul and mind

As ghosts or angels or shadows

We pray to or step around

In the awkward dance

Of moving forward

For me

With the tearing



Which shed the soul from me

While binding my understanding

Of our connection even deeper

And in those full

Yet silent spaces

Where I am asked to embrace it all

With the fall

Into reality

In times comes peace

Together with the sweet release

Of remembering

While opening my body and soul

To the surrendering

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