You will pass this way again

You will pass this way again

Over a path littered with stones

And jaggered broken bone pieces

Of a past

You will never

With all of your deepest grieving


And when the storm rises

As it will

To flood you through

What will you do

And who will hold you

As you cry

To the depths of your heart

For what got broken

It seems to me

That insight only lives

A lot further along the road

We travelled

Not really knowing our way

Only feeling blindly as we do

Seeking what we hope is true

And yet so often we make

The mistake

Breaking what most needed

Putting together

Pulling apart in anger

What so desperately needed

Our understanding, love and tenderness

And it will only be in retrospect

That we finally see

What we needed to

As the knife cuts

So deeply into flesh

And we bleed

With the knowing

Our soul can no longer

Run from

Or refuse

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