Softly fall

Softly fall


Like the rain shower

Gentle and quiet

Let those souls who suffer

In a barren wilderness


That there is more than just this

Aloneness and suffering

Be the blessing that reminds

The hurting soul that strives

Of the reason it needs to stay alive

That we are loved

And seen from afar

By the one who understands and knows

How this very soul

Answered the call of life

Even as it feared the almost complete

Extinction of the light

2 thoughts on “Softly fall

  1. Love this and you have expressed it so well, the evil darkness can be all engulfing, confusing and disorientating. Giving hope to those who are going through despair with life too many of us are and do not have the tools to survive. Thanks to Our Heavenly Father you and I have the tools.

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