Just a little rain

Just a little rain

Restores my hope in life again

Brings release after pain

Restoring a sense of nature’s blessing

And even though these sudden showers that fell

Tell a tale of extremes

Still they are so welcome here

There is a comfort in the heavy skies

And a lilt of joy

In thundering noises that roll

And swell

And rumble on by

Leaving a landscape


In hues of deepening green

As dusk scatters it dusting of dark

Bidding our weary souls to slow and rest

Where on earth would we be

Without this force of nature

That rises and swells

We can never tell the why and how of it

And yet

Here amidst the storm and showers

As some take shelter under drooping bowers

Somewhere deep inside

Our beings come back alive

With the falling of

Just a little shower

5 thoughts on “Just a little rain

  1. Yes very beautiful. I take it on another level the symbolism of your poem the rain also is the water falling on us from the Spiritual Realms we have an abundance of this to draw on but we would rather burn or drought ourselves than take a drink or bathe in the Spiritual Water so freely given. Bless you.

  2. I always find the rain memerizering glad you were able to get some much needed showers Mate.

    When it rains more times then not it pours , the precipitation of second chances is rare commodity to find allowing the wash away the I’ll gotten will of your wicked transgressions.

    There are some actions committed by your hand there is no coming back from keep that in mind sometimes it’s all or Nothing.


    Stay safe Deborah luas dia I do thuras


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