A way to be free

Sometimes I search to find myself

Within the rubble and broken down mess

Of ages

And then it is I weep

To discover that I was asleep

Or in a kind of trance

For all of these years

As I look back on the past

It seems there are no longer

Any more questions to ask

For I know the answers

And in many ways they cripple me

For there is no new life in the old skin

Anymore for me

What will it take for my soul to be free?

For my caterpillar self to finally

Find her wings

And embrace new life?

For even knee deep

Amidst all of these old bones

I feel the longing for a new home

Calling to me

Maybe both

From deep within

And across the seas

Saying the only question I must now ponder

Is how my soul

Can finally find the way

To new life

A new skin

A new home

To finally discover

A place to be free

7 thoughts on “A way to be free

  1. You are free my friend… the only restraints we have are the ones we create for ourselves internally. I have held myself back for years and writing is my way of becoming free. You write so beautifully and help so many so thank you 🙏

  2. I feel the same way, it is like being in a fog or wearing blinkers cannot see the reality. Perhaps a spell has been cast to hold you back to stop you finding out who you are. Take care. Some people’s restraints are their own but others have constraints put in place by evil and they have to be removed.

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