We two lovers

Brightness cracks the shell of night

As sunrise wakens me to the delight

Of your sleepy smile

At times like this

All my soul longs to do

Is rest here a little while

Longer with you

Safely enclosed

Inside our heavenly cocoon

Entwining separate selves

Together seamlessly

Within these

Invisible lattice threads of love

Sharing the sense of magic

Only ever fully found

Wrapped up inside

The embrace of a lover

And yet at times like these

It seems to me

Such a painful twisted thing

To have this connection


And yet time and pressures

Sadly so often bring

Distance between lovers

A rupturing at the seams

As all that lies hidden beneath

Raises its head

When hearts are led to

Deepest dread

Of separation anxiety

And yet

Even in these tender moments

Memory will not let me forget

How triggers stretched our love

So agonisingly tight

Causing pain to transmit its message

Along every sinew and fibre

Which reminds me now

How precious is this gift

Of a morning

Of shared intimacy

The smile I glimpse

Hidden deep within your eyes

Is peppered with flashes of how

Sweet love tasted

Before gaping fissures sprang

From deeper wounds

Splitting you and I asunder

And even now

With the passing of all these years

There are moments

That ever so fleetingly appear

When the memories of those

Deeply precious times

Arise from deep within my soul

Like vapours

As I remember how

Love and laughter

Bathed us both

In joy and happiness

Until our restless demons spoke

Words of hatred for the pain

We suffered in our earlier selves


We could not manage to contain

And in the end

Drove the deepest wedge

Between us

Two lovers

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