When the time came

And white man sought his refuge in the sky

Saying that matter was full of evil

And only the chosen would be saved

What was the travesty of life

That began to be laid

All around us like a heavy blanket

Or a shroud

Dampening wisdom, killing true life?

When the perfectionistic script began to be

The chosen doctrine the righteous laid

Down all around us

Like heavy bricks of an impenetrable prison

Cutting us off from flow

Then the deeper feminine natural way

Of connection to nature and cycles

Began to be lost

At such a terrible, terrible cost

So if we now see so many suffering

Within the ravaged places of a hell

That only human kind

Could create

Seeking refuge in a place of blindness

How will we awaken ourselves from

And heal this :


Are we not tired of living under the cleaving of the axe

Can we not move forward to embrace

An entirely more holistic way

For nature she is crying out

And it is only we who in turning a deaf ear

With bring about

The torrent of dismay

Of nature.

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