Into eternity

We can talk of beautiful things

But my true joy comes

When my heart sings

At the call of your name

And when you say to me

You would be happiest

With just a picnic blanket

And words of love

My heart concurs

Especially when I consider how hard everyone works

To acquire things

That just seem to me

To stand in the way of true happiness

Please my love,

Always remember

It’s just your heart

That means the most to me

And all the riches man decreed

Mean nothing

If you are not here

Beside me

Helping me to breathe the air

At the end of the day

It is your soul I crave

At the beginning of the end

It will be your touch I will continue to crave

From that parting moment

Into eternity

6 thoughts on “Into eternity

  1. Yes, yes, your poem plays all my violin strings, I’ve always been a man of simple means…. a picnic is/was a fav’ past time…. and I keep dreaming from here to eternity…

    1. Really going through all this estate confabulation right now over Mums death is casting things into sharp relief, Ivor. I know for thsoe who loved deeply a simple touch of the loved one’s hand would be the most priceless of gifts. I will never forget that. ❤ Hugs to you….

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